Shoe companies already throwing money at Andrew Wiggins, is the hype justified?

Andrew Wiggins is certainly of the best high school prospects of all-time and I believe he will make a big impact with the Kansas Jayhawks next season. Wiggins, who went to Huntington Prep in Ontario, dominated every single high school player who tried to slow him down and even though he hasn’t played a college basketball yet, his talent is remarkable and people can’t wait to watch him play.

Pay per head services have seen that at 6’8″ Wiggins can play three positions, score at will from all over the court, dunk over anyone and carry a team on his back.

Kansas may not have the best recruiting class in the nation but head coach Bill Self can say that he has the top prospect. Wiggins will probably stay in college just one year and then enter the NBA Draft but it will be a special year for the Kansas Jayhawks basketball program.

Shoe companies see Wiggins’ potential and they’re already lining up to make unreasonable offers for him the second he announces he will leave Kansas for the NBA Draft.

According to Rich Lopez, the publisher of the popular sneaker website, “(Adidas) is easily the front-runner, 100 percent.”

“I’m hearing from people at Kansas that he’s got a $180 million offer supposedly coming from Adidas,” a source close to Wiggins’ inner circle said. “But I also heard that Nike is going to match anything.”

Andrew Wiggins may be the best prospect since Kevin Durant, Chris Paul and LeBron James but it’s too soon to say that he will be the next Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan, I think that we should let him get used to his new team and improve his game as much as he can. If the video of his dunk over NBA center Cole Aldrich in a game at coach Bill Self’s basketball camp is any indication, Wiggins will be just fine.