What to expect from Kobe Bryant next season?

Kobe Bryant is not getting any younger but he is still one of the top 5 players in the NBA and probably the best when it comes to dominating at the end of a game. Kobe tore his left Achilles tendon last April against the Warriors and it worried Laker fans all over the world. Fortunately it seems that he won’t miss many games. First it was reported that he would be ready for the first game of the season but he might not be ready after all.

Pay per head services know that the Lakers are not NBA title contenders next season. Let’s be honest, with or without Kobe they’re not even the best team in Los Angeles, unless Kobe Bryant is healthy, Pau Gasol finally proves he deserves to be on the team, Steve Nash plays like in his two MVP years and the new players like Chris Kaman, Nick Young and Wesley Johnson have career years.

Kobe said that he needs to get a few weeks of serious tough conditioning before he can consider coming back and even called himself fat… which I assume is his way of motivating himself. Knowing him he is not coming back unless he is 100 percent, and a healthy Black Mamba, even at his age is scary.

I do think that the Lakers will be a better team without Dwight Howard, who just didn’t click in Los Angeles from day one and really hurt the Lakers despite having decent numbers. Howard going to the Lakers was a disaster, he just couldn’t play together with Kobe Bryant and didn’t develop any chemistry with the rest of the team.

What to expect from Kobe Bryant? He will come back better than ever, trust me. He always finds a way to play according to his strengths and weaknesses and even though the Lakers might not win the NBA Championship this year, they will make a deep run in the playoffs.