Will Kobe Bryant win another NBA Championship?

In light of Thursday’s announcement that Kobe Bryant is expected to miss 6 weeks with a fracture in his left knee, one question comes to mind. Will he win his sixth championship ring? Kobe will definitely come back from this new injury, I have no doubt about that, but it can’t be denied that the end of an era is almost upon us.

Pay per head services know that Kobe Bryant signing a two-year contract extension for a total of $48.5 million on November 25 means two things:

1- He will retire after the 2015-16 season, so the window of opportunity for him to win another NBA Championship is closing

2- He deserves the $48.5 million over two years but it will not help the Lakers have the flexibility to sign many of the top free agents next season.

The Lakers have a lot of talent and they’re playing well considering all their injuries but even with Kobe Bryant healthy they were not championship contenders this season and that won’t change next year unless they add at least a couple of All-Star free agents.