Explaining Pay Per Head Services

Pay per head services make bookies’ lives much easier.

Key Points

  • Pay per head services are one of the reasons why the sports betting industry has grown so much over the past decade.
  • Pay per head services provide numerous advantages for bookies in today’s competitive market.

It was legislation changes in the U.S. that helped lead to a rise in sports betting, but an even bigger factor in the industry is the rise of pay per head software services.

Pay per head services allow bookies to operate a sportsbook much more easily than in days past. The increases in technology in the industry have been astounding and have also played a role in the industry’s growth.

What exactly is a pay per head service? Here, we explain the ins and outs and pay per head services.

The New School Bookie

Back in the day, old school bookies used pen and paper to run their businesses. There were phone calls all day and night long as well as in-person visits when necessary. That has all changed.

A pay per head service offers a bookie a chance to compete with the big boys in today’s modern sports betting world. A pay per head, or PPH, provides a turnkey solution where a bookie can simply plug in and operate a fully functioning sportsbook.

The pay per head service provides virtually everything a bookie needs to operate his business. In return, the bookie pays a fee “per head” or per each player. If you’re asking yourself, how much does a PPH service cost? Go take a look at this article.

Pay Per Head Services Provided

The software provided by a PPH company will offer a fully functional, professionally designed website for a bookie. Some services even have a mobile app.

The website (or app) is where players can log in and take care of all of their business. They can deposit and withdraw funds, look at odds, place wagers, and much more. Since most bettors do their betting on a mobile device, it’s important for your bookie business to offer that service.

A pay per head will offer a huge betting board with numerous options for bettors. Lines and odds are sharp. Bookies don’t have to go out and find the best prices. 

One of the biggest things provided by a pay per head is customer service. When partnering with a PPH service, a bookie gets a fully staffed customer service department that handles all of the phone calls bookies used to get. There is also customer service for the bookie as well.

Ultimately, a pay per head will save bookies time. The time saved can be used to allow bookies the chance to grow their business. Your service should offer a long list of player management tools as well. These tools will help you minimize risk, making sure you turn a weekly profit.

Advantages of Pay Per Head Services

The biggest advantage of using a pay per head service is the time-saving factor. Bookies actually have time that they can invest in their operation. They can market it more effectively to grow the player sheet. 

Most bookies are probably not software developers. The technology behind the software is what allows a small bookie operation to appear like it is much bigger than in reality.

Bookies can also receive customized reports from their PPH that will give them the information necessary to help them grow their sportsbook.

The advantages provided by pay per head services have helped the growth of  the sports betting industry.