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Today, it’s crucial for bookmakers to have tools to help them run their business at the highest efficiency level. How do they do that? By using the resources of a reliable Pay Per Head provider like This is because they have all of the tools, infrastructure, and services needed to open or reshape a gambling operation. And the best part is that they only charge $ 5 per player!


PricPerPlayer offers one of the most competitive prices in the industry. Its cost per active player is $ 5 and includes a complete set of tools to operate a betting business.

If you want to have a little taste of their services and get to know their platform firsthand, you can sign up for a demo.

The demo is completely free, and for two weeks, you can use all the services and tools that PricePerPlayer offers to its bookies.

At the end of the demo, there is no obligation to purchase. But if you liked what you saw and want to continue using their service, you just have to make a deposit.

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Using the PricePerPlayer software, you can create a Sportsbook with betting options to please all types of bettors. Your Sportsbook will have lines and odds for almost every sport imaginable in the world.

In addition, you will also have racebook software available, which will allow you to create a racebook with the best betting lines for the most important race tracks in the world.

To complement the offer of your betting site PricePerPlayer also offers you casino software. Your clients will have access to a no-download casino with all the classic games in virtual or live format through this software.

The live format is one of the most sought-after by bettors today, as it allows them to interact with a live dealer and recreate the experience of playing at a real table.

You can offer bonuses and special promotions to your bettor’s thanks to the “Free Play” option that the software has. As a result, you can keep your bettors happy and motivate them to keep playing.

PricePerPlayer offers one of the safest software in the industry. Their systems have several firewalls and layers of encryption. In addition, the company ensures 99.9% reliability since they use several backup systems. These backups guarantee that no matter what happens, your betting site will always be up and running.

PricePerPlayer stands out for offering support for various languages ​​such as Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Korean.


For a betting business to function correctly, the bookie must know what happens at all times. The Price Per Player back end provides bookies with a robust reporting tool to track every move and every bet.

In addition to the reports from the back end, it is possible to control each player’s account, establish betting limits, and determine which games they can access.

Thanks to all these functions, you will be able to manage the risk of your betting business, and you will know how exposed you are in real-time.

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With PricePerPlayer, you can set up your account quickly. The company accepts various deposit methods such as PayPal, Bitcoin, and MoneyGram. Therefore you will not have any setbacks to start your betting business.

Once your account is ready, your bettors can place their first bets immediately. In addition, bettors can use the Sportsbook, the casino or the racebook from any device, from a computer to a smartphone.

Bettors can also place bets via telephone in the call center 24 hours a day.


PricePerPlayer has a robust infrastructure that will allow any bookie to establish a successful betting business.

Their customer service is available 27 hours a day, seven days a week. You can contact them by phone, email, or live chat. Their customer service staff is very professional, and they will guide you through the entire process to create and operate a first-rate gambling site with the best technology.

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