To run a successful bookmaking business you need to have access to a wide range of advanced bookie reports on your clients, their wagering habits and—most importantly—the profit they generate.

For that reason statistical reporting has always been the backbone of the bookie business but has unfortunately been highly tedious and time consuming.

For that reason alone, the sports gambling industry has revolutionized the sports bookmaking business.

A bookie software service will allow you to get accurate, detailed and advanced reports on every aspect of your clients and their financial position—and with less work than you’ve ever thought possible.

You’ll have better, more in depth and accurate reports updated in real time and with almost no time or work involved on your part.

You’ll be able to log in from any computer and get in an advanced way all the reports you need to run your business.

First and foremost, you can get an up to the minute financial position statement on all clients—you can get a weekly figure, a daily figure or even check up on their position from earlier weeks.

You can also check your players’ recent betting history including graded wagers for the past day, week or moth as well as open and pending wagers.

You can also get information on every individual wager including time placed and information like lines and odds.

From the online interface you can do all of the customer maintenance necessary for running your business.

Change and update passwords and log in information, credit information, etc.

You can also find out their relevant betting information and get an immediate position statement on each game—that way you can know what side you ‘need’ at a glance.

Additionally, you can tailor the sports betting options to best serve your needs.

You can modify or change any of the lines, decide which sports, events and/or bet types to offer.

You can get information on parlay and teaser liability and much more.

Information is important to any business but none more so than the bookmaking business.

Knowledge is power—and there’s simply no way to get this much knowledge with so little work than by using a Price Per Head service.