The concept behind a Price Per Head service(PPH) services can seem very complex and confusing, but is in reality very simple.

PPH allows independent bookmakers the ability to provide their clients with state of the art betting software services while reducing the headaches that come with the job.

The bookie essentially ‘outsources’ all of the betting and accounting services to an offshore Pay per Head provider using the same technology platform employed by the world’s largest sports books.

This allows the bookmaker to provide his clients with 24/7 betting and a larger mix of wagering options, which allows him to earn bigger profits.

The bookmaker just has to assign his clients an ID and password using the Internet based system, make whatever adjustments to the default PPH (Price per head) settings he requires and the rest of the process is entirely automated and secure.

The small weekly per head charge literally pays for itself almost instantly in less work, greater precision and lower overhead.

The advantages of a Price Per Head service for a bookmaker are many.

It not only frees up his time by outsourcing and automating most of the labor intensive components of the business, it allows his clients to bet more often on a wider range of propositions.

No longer does the bookie have to be ‘on duty’ to be making money—he can send his players to the Price per Head provided website or call center confident in the knowledge that they’re being dealt with professionally, confidentially and accurately.

With no additional work, a bookmaker can offer his clients horse racing from major tracks worldwide as well as casino games.

He just needs to log into the website once a week to get an updated pay figure for his clients—the Price Per Head service takes care of the rest.

The Price per Head industry has been booming in recent years due to the way it has revolutionized the bookie business.

A bookmaker can offer his clients a wider range of services and more professionalized service with less work. It allows the bookie working by himself the ability to offer services that only a few years ago would have required a team of employees and partners.

For a small weekly fee, the Price per Head service takes over most of the ‘heavy lifting’ leaving the bookmaker with plenty of time to grow his client base and develop his business.

Developing a large client base is, in reality, the path to making a lot of money in the bookmaking business.

Face it, the ‘math’ is on your side—so the more players you have betting with you the more money you’ll make in the long-term.

By eliminating virtually all of the day to day headaches of running a bookie business you can re-allocate your time into growing your client base and better serving your existing clients.

Despite what some credit based sportsbooks suggest, using a Price per Head service provides the greatest financial upside to the individual bookmaker.

With the traditional arrangement with a credit bookmaker, the financial risks and rewards are split.

So not only does the offshore credit shop and the bookmaker split all player losses, the split all profits as well.

The Price per Head arrangement allows limitless financial upside potential for the bookmaker—instead of having to split profits after a big week the bookie will just have to pay the Price per Head service a small fee which allows him to pocket everything else!

The Price per Head business has finally brought the old fashioned bookie business into the 21st century.

It allows a bookmaker to outsource the most tedious and time consuming work for a very small fee.

At the same time, it gives him the scalability to grow his business to a size and scope that would have been impossible just a few years ago.

The combination of technology and international outsourcing have created an opportunity for bookies to make a huge amount of money with minimal effort that has never been possible until now.