Can the Miami Heat retain the NBA Championship?

The Miami Heat may be favored by a good amount to win the NBA Championship for the third straight year but I think that the Chicago Bulls can give them a run for their money. The Bulls almost beat them in last year’s playoffs and they were without their best player, Derrick Rose, who is probably the best point guard in the NBA.

Pay per head services remember that the San Antonio Spurs had the Miami Heat beat last year until a miracle save and a miracle three-pointer from Ray Allen kept them alive. The Heat got lucky but this year might be different and unless they improve they might not even make it to the NBA Finals. If the Bulls don’t beat them there are other teams with enough talent to pull off an “upset”, for example the improved Brooklyn Nets or the scrappy Indiana Pacers, who get better every year and almost eliminated the Heat for the second straight season.

The Pacers have been close but they just couldn’t get it done in the end and it might have been because of their youth; however, their youth will eventually turn into leadership as they will learn from their losses.

Another reason why I say that the Heat will be in trouble is because Dwyane Wade hasn’t been the same player late in the season. That’s probably because of his knees and dealing with that type of injury after 82 regular season games and the playoffs is not easy. After Wade there’s no one else that can help LeBron James consistently, perhaps Ray Allen but he is not getting any younger and Chris Bosh hasn’t proven that he has what it takes to be James’ right hand man.

I expect the Heat to have a great regular season and finish in the top three seeds in the Eastern Conference but when the playoffs come they might make an early exit.