Kobe Bryant returns to practice

Kobe Bryant practiced for the first time since tearing his Achilles’ tendon seven months ago. He will be in street clothes for tonight’s game against the Pistons but he said “it was time” to gauge his progress in a practice situation.

Pay per head services realized that Kobe participated in light 5-on-0 half-court drills but it’s still unknown when he will return to game action.

“He looked good and did a few moves I didn’t expect him to do right away,” Pau Gasol said. “I’m very happy for him and for us, and definitely looking forward to when he’ll play in a game.”

“He looks like Kobe to me, basically. He’s moving well, right back to his old self,” Steve Blake told the Los Angeles Times’ Mike Bresnahan. Blake also noted that Kobe was right in the thick of things when the slow-paced practice had its intensity amped up a couple notches.

Bryant was given a 6-to-9 month timetable for recovery.