If you are involved in the business of accepting sports action, and you are serious about, then no doubt you are always looking for solutions that make sense.

If you have not investigated the idea of operating within the Price Per Head software (PPH) model, then you are missing out on something.

If you indeed HAVE investigated it, you’ve heard a lot of prices quoted for pay per head services around the internet.

And it’s quite possible that it has created some confusion in your mind.

After all, you don’t really know what you’re getting for what price, and you don’t know how many players such a price can accommodate.

And invariably you are told that if you want a better price you can go through a “negotiation” with the operator.

Well, what good is the quote if everything is subject to negotiation anyway?

At BookmakingSoftware.com we want to alleviate any of this confusion, and make life a lot simpler for you so you can concentrate on YOUR business.

Our price is $7 or less.

That’s right, SEVEN dollars, and this covers it for you, regardless of whether you’ve got just one player or a thousand.

That’s the flat rate that spells the whole thing out for you and makes the Price Per Head transition an easy decision to make.

It is indeed unusual to hear such a low price for such a comprehensive service, but we do that because we are the industry leader.

So we are prepared to go beyond what is just considered “reasonable.”

If you’re not familiar with what we are talking about when we say “Price Per Head,” don’t feel bad.

We can explain it to you in a nutshell. You have customers, right? Well, you handle your players, and we’ll handle the software.

We give you the turnkey website so that all of your customers can see an interface right in front of them. It’s as good as any online sportsbook because it comes from the same source as the online sportsbooks.

And for their convenience, your customers can place their bets over the phone as well, as they will have a number to call.

On the other end of the line will be a capable, trained customer service representative who can handle any kind of wager your customer could want to place.

So your players proceed to bet – on sports, horses, even casino action, if that’s one of the ways you choose to go – and you take in the profits.

You have state-of-the-art software available to you. For this, you will pay for “leasing” the software, and not some exorbitant fee either.

You will pay a fee PER PLAYER, on the basis of which players actually get into action that week. That’s where the name “Price Per Head,” or in some circles, “Pay Per Head” comes into play. And as we mentioned, it’s just $7 or less per player.

It’s pretty tough to do any better than that. In fact, you can’t get with a more reliable service for that kind of price.

When you are using software that can do a lot of things, like BookmakingSoftware’s can, you save yourself a lot of time and effort, because your are offering a lot of options for customers and have the ability to manage all of them without any trouble at all.

You can keep very meticulous records, which are essential to any bookmaker’s success, and you can also move your limits and your lines as you see fit.

It is truly the all-in-one solution for making your operation look as big as the biggest sportsbook in Las Vegas.

This is how al the operations are going to compete in the 21st Century.

So there is simply no reason it shouldn’t be worth it to you. For all of this, Bookmaking Software asks $7 or less per head, and if you are looking to earn and grow, that will be the best seven dollars you have ever spent.