Retired NBA player Tracy McGrady wants to play baseball, works out with Roger Clemens

Retired seven-time NBA All-Star Tracy McGrady had productive 16-year career that was ultimately besieged by injuries. McGrady was an amazing basketball player but it feels like he could have left an even greater mark in the league if not for his constant back and knee injuries. Well, his desire for more success is probably the reason why he would try to play baseball.

According to Jeff Van Gundy, his former coach with the Rockets, Tracy McGrady will play baseball.

Pay per head services saw that McGrady’s name came up during last night’s NBA on ESPN broadcast while he and his partner Mike Breen were discussing Kevin Durant’s remarkable 12-game streak with 30 or more points. McGrady actually had 14 straight games with more than 30 points during the 2002-2003 season, which is the second longest streak of all-time. Then, Van Gundy revealed that McGrady has considered becoming a pitcher.

“Speaking real quickly of McGrady, I think he’s going to play independent league baseball as a pitcher this year. In the independent league,” Van Gundy said.

“I’m being serious. I’ve heard from sources in Houston — seriously — that he’s throwing over 90 miles per hour. The Sugar Land Skeeters — Roger Clemens pitched for them last year, it was awesome.”

The fact that McGrady is only 34 years old puts him in a position to give baseball try, and if he really throws over 90 miles per hour he has a chance to be successful at that level.

It will be interesting to see if McGrady lands a contract. Only time will tell if he really can become the next two-sport star.