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Running a successful gambling business requires the right technology. If you want to take your gambling business to the next level, you can use the A1 PPH solution.

A1PPH is one of the industry’s leading Pay Per Head providers; its services offer bookies the possibility of having a sportsbook, casino, and racebook at a low cost.


The price of A1PPH is within the industry average. The cost per active player is $ 7. But bookies can get a better price if they have 30 players or more. In other words, the higher the volume of customers, the service costs will improve.

In addition to the benefit for customer volume, the company also offers four weeks free to all its bookies. As a result, you can create your betting business with no upfront cost.

Accounts are set up immediately. Therefore, you can create an account and start receiving bets from your clients without making the initial deposit. This will allow you to test A1PPH’s services thoroughly and determine if it is the correct provider for your needs.

During the free period, you will have access to all tools and platforms. Once the free period is over, you will only have to pay for active players. In other words, you won’t have to worry about the unactive players you have on your betting site.


A1PPH is an all-in-one solution. In other words, the company offers everything a bookie needs, such as a sportsbook with dozens of leagues and events, 75+ horse racing tracks, and hundreds of casino games such as blackjack, roulette, slots, among others.

To ensure that your gambling business can operate smoothly and correctly, A1PPH has a complete redemption system. This system guarantees that your betting site will be up and online 99.99% of the time. Having this system guarantees that your bettors can use your betting site at any time and place.

Bettors today want to know the results of their bets immediately. A1PPH has developed a service in which clerks post the results of events seconds after they conclude. Having bets graded immediately makes bettors more engaged with your betting site. In addition, it also makes bettors bet more, which translates into more profits for your business.

Everything in the software is customizable. You can set betting limits for each bettor, customize your website and create a first-rate gaming experience for all your customers.


A1PPH has a robust suite of reports through which you will be able to know everything that happens on your betting site.

Through these reports, you can increase your business’s income, since you can control and manage the risk of your business.

The suite has 45+ types of reports that you can generate at any time to know the amount of open bets, the amount of money you must pay and collect from your bettors, among other data.

Set up

Setting up your account will take little time, and immediately your clients will be able to place their first bets. Customers will be able to use your betting service from a tablet, smartphone, or tablet. A1PPH focuses on offering a high percentage of accessibility and compatibility. As a result, bettors can enjoy the sportsbook, casino, or racebook regardless of the type of device they use.

The high accessibility is complemented by a call center that operates 24/7, to which your clients can call to place bets and receive attention to any questions.


If you are looking for a Pay Per Head provider with a robust system and complete betting software and hardware solution, you should consider A1PPH.