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  • $5 Per Head
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Main bullet points

  • Knowledgeable and friendly customer service staff
  • Starts as low as just $5 per head per week
  • Call center with Chinese-speaking agents (English and Spanish also included);
  • Full suite of casino games available for free, live dealer casino also available.


There are many per head bookie software sites out there, all promising that they are the best on the market. But when you get down to the nitty-gritty details, more often than not, they leave a lot to be desired. Lacklustre customer service, hidden fees, and issues with privacy and security are common among many providers, but this does not apply to Bookie Helper. From the onset, what you see, is what you get; a high-quality platform, privacy, freedom to run your own business without any interference, and extremely high levels of customer service.


Bookie Helper is a fully-fledged online bookmaking platform that facilitates online betting, customisation, account management, and business oversight for sports betting bookies. Along with the standard platform that comes for free, there are custom build alternatives that start at just $300. Each platform allows the bookie to create sub-agent accounts and allows players to set up accounts with a pseudonym, thus supporting a private and secure approach. These accounts are all managed and overseen by the bookie via mobile bookie software.

The platform can be customised to facilitate betting on almost any sporting event. It is also highly intuitive, so even those not used to online platforms will find it easy to navigate. The bookie can supervise all bets via a real-time ticker and retains control over the acceptance, denial, or limitation of any bet or individual at any time. Payments are all managed outside of the platform, providing all involved with the utmost in security, privacy and flexibility.

The Bookie Helper platform includes the following:

  • Sports betting software
  • Racebook
  • Props builder
  • Online casino including card and table games, slots, and live dealer options
  • Dynamic live betting
  • Mobile bookie software for on-the-go management
  • Live bet ticker
  • SMS/Telegram app online messaging notifications


The benefits of the Bookie Helper platform are numerous. For example, the round-the-clock customer service at no extra charge is a huge advantage over other providers. Service is offered in English, Chinese, and Spanish and can be provided by call centre, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, web chat, and email. Agents are abl to give technical advice and support as well as guidance on certain accounts, odds, and types of betting- all you have to do is ask.

Another big benefit of Bookie Helper is the financial model which helps the bookie remain in completely control at all times. By paying a small fee for each active client each week, they don’t have to worry about percentages of bets taken or any hidden costs. The bookie’s account should be topped up with enough funds to cover a few weeks of betting, and then a fee is taken for each customer that bets within that week. This is a much more flexible and scalable model than other providers.


The cost for each player starts at just $5 per player per week for basic access to sportsbook, facebook, virtual casino games, and the prop builder. Bookies with many players (more than 100) can contact them to negotiate a special discount.

There are no added fees unless you opt for a custom build site, or additional products such as live dealer casino games. All costs will be discussed with you beforehand and agreed on, so there are no nasty surprises at any time.

Final takeaways

This is a platform designed by professionals with years of online gambling experience, and it shows. It is intuitive and high quality, offering bookies full customisation while leaving them in control throughout. Bookie Helper has a hands-off approach as a standard, leaving bookies to control and run their own business, but when help or even advice is needed, it is there 24/7.

By far, the best quality, best value for money, and most reliable, secure, and intuitive platform on the market.

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