Thanks to the advances in technology and the improvement in bookie software, most of the tedious and time consuming tasks inherent in the bookmaking business have been automated.

For the bookie himself, that means they’ve all but been eliminated entirely as he outsources the drudgery that used to consume hours upon hours of his time.

Today, local bookmakers have access to the same state of the art software packages employed by the world’s largest sports books.

You can offer your players not only every sporting event on the board but horse racing and casino gambling as well.

This means more playing options for your clients and more profits for you!

Here Are Our Best Bookie Software Recommendations:

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Once you set up an account with a Price Per Head provider your clients will be ready to wager.

They’ll receive an account ID and a password that they can use to log in and bet online at any time of the day or night. Alternately, they can bet by phone via a toll free call center staffed by highly professional and well trained agents.

For the bookmaker, he just needs to log in once the games are finished and the software will instantly calculate results as well as wins and losses for all players.

Accounting has been reduced from a tedious and time consuming process to a matter of seconds—the software tabulates all of the necessary information and produces a detailed pay sheet.

This not only more accurate it saves the bookmaker time and money—furthermore, it puts an end to the need for hiring clerks to take bets and tabulate results.

Additionally, the bookie software now provides access to a variety of reports to further streamline your business.

You can adjust the individual game odds and lines—as well as the amount of ‘vig’ charged—to fit your personal needs. You can access a full betting history for each client, see open bets, adjust player credit limits and check your exposure on every game.

These are just some of the many reporting functions available to make the process of running a bookmaking operation easier and more profitable.

These are just some of the advantages of using state of the art bookie software.

You’ll always have up to date and accurate information while eliminating the need for hiring costly—and often times undependable—employees.

It will literally eliminate the majority of day to day work leaving you free to grow and build your client base.