Best Bookie Software Use by Professional Bookies

Bookie Software

The concept behind Pay Per Head (PPH) services can seem very complex and confusing, but is in reality very simple. Our Bookie Software allows independent bookmakers the ability to provide their clients with state of the art betting services while reducing the headaches that come with the job.

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Best Bookmaking Casino Software

Casino Software

In addition to providing bookmakers with services that make their job easier, a Pay Per Head service can also allow the independent bookie the ability to create new profit centers that would have been impossible just a few years ago. One of the most potentially lucrative is Online Live and Virtual Casino Offerings.

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Horse Racing Software for Bookmakers

Horse Racing Software


Horse racing has always been a very profitable component of the bookmaker’s product mix, but until now its labor intensive nature has made it a challenge to implement successfully. Thanks to the advent and growth of the Pay Per Head industry that has changed once and for all—now it’s possible to offer your bookmaking clients a full horse racing service.

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