Tracy McGrady Makes Sugar Land Skeeters Opening Day Roster as a Pitcher

As we previously reported here, Tracy McGrady recently made his pitching debut with the Sugar Land Skeeters. In an update to this story, the former NBA star-turned-pitcher has made the Sugar Land Skeeters’ roster.

According to his manager, former MLB star Gary Gaetti:

“He’s just done what needed to be done since the idea came about.” “He showed enough progress. He showed enough ability, and we’re going to see where this goes.”

Tracy McGrady, a 6-foot-8, seven-time NBA All-Star seemed thrilled, even if the last time he played organized baseball was when he a Florida high schooler.

“To be part of the team means everything to me, and it’s a dream come true. I look forward to coming to the ballpark, not only to play the game but to be in the clubhouse building camaraderie with these guys.”

McGrady gave up one run and three hits in one inning of work against Alvin Community College in his first exhibition game.

“There’s so many unique things about it,” Gaetti said. “It doesn’t matter how hard you throw. You got deception. You got velocity. You got location. You got stuff.”

It’s evident that McGrady has enough gas left even after a decorated 16-year NBA career.

“I had to ride it out,” Gaetti said of the decision to add McGrady to the team. “There was no reason to make that decision until I absolutely had to.”