Will Tony Romo play this Sunday?

The biggest question heading into Week 17 in the NFL is, will Tony Romo play against the Eagles?

Pay per head services found out that the players themselves have their doubts. According to Bleacher Report, many doubt that he will play and an anonymous player said, “We are basically prepping as if he won’t play.” The general feeling in Dallas is that Romo won’t back. “I think the mindset of most players is that Kyle’s the guy,” the anonymous player said of backup quarterback Kyle Orton.

Romo hasn’t practice all week and he is still having problems just walking. According to ESPN the epidural procedure he received to alleviate the pain and inflammation in the back only made the situation marginally better. Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett said at a news conference today that if Romo doesn’t practice tomorrow he wouldn’t necessarily be ruled out for Sunday.

What seems to be more likely is that the Cowboys will play the guessing game with Romo all the way up until Sunday, as a way of getting the Eagles to have doubts, forcing them to prepare for both Romo and Orton.