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Being the new kid is never easy, and in an industry as competitive as gambling, it can take a lot of work to make a name for yourself.

But PayPerHead 24/7 has managed to build a good reputation thanks to its superior offering of products and services. In fact, the company has become one of the best options for bookies who want to switch to their current provider or for bookies who are just setting up their betting business.


This provider offers one of the most competitive prices on the market at $ 10 per player. In fact, we can say that its price is too low when all the features and services you receive are analyzed in detail.

Also, if you have a high volume of customers, you can get a price reduction. As a result, as your betting business grows, you can get better costs.

The cost of $ 10 per player is for active players only, so you only pay for players who actually use the service. Also, you will not have to pay commissions, hidden costs or enter a revenue share scheme.

With PayPerHead 24/7, you get the best in betting software and hardware, from powerful reporting tools, technical support to a robust website, all for an extremely low cost.


By partnering with PayPerHead 24/7, you will be able to offer your clients a wide range of betting options ranging from sports lines around the world to online casino games and horse racing.

You will also have the freedom to enable and disable the online casino and racebook options at any time. Although let’s be honest, it makes no sense to disable these features since you can earn more money and expand your betting business with them.

For example, with the online casino, you can retain your bettors, and the best of all is that the house always wins.

Having a partner like PayPerHead 24/7 gives you the opportunity to access an infrastructure valued in hundreds of thousands of dollars. It would be impossible for a small bookie to afford everything that PayPerHead 24/7 offers.

In addition to the latest technology, this provider also offers a call center available 24/7. Therefore, if you have some old school clients who like to bet on the phone, you will be able to attend them without problems.

The software offers a high level of customization; hence you can adapt and customize it to your tastes and preferences. Moreover, you can set up the software in a way that correctly reflects your brand’s personality. Also, you can feature only the betting options that your customers are interested in on your betting site.


The main function of a Pay Per Head provider is to make the bookie’s job easier. PayPerHead 24/7 does just that. Thanks to its platforms and services, bookies can focus on the really important tasks such as attracting and serving customers. In addition, the provider will ensure that the customers you bring are happy and satisfied.

PayPerHead 24/7 provides access to a powerful reporting tool where you can know the status and performance of your business at all times. From the reports, you will be able to know the betting history of each player, the risk of each open bet, general balances, and detailed financial reports.

For example, you will know exactly how much you should pay and charge your clients with financial reports. As a result, you should not waste time doing complex calculations, and you will be able to move the money faster.


With PayPerHead 24/7, there are no complications. As its name indicates, thanks to its robust platforms, your betting site will be running 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without any problem.

Your customers can place bets at any time of the day and from any type of device such as smartphones or tablets. Moreover, your clients will be able to place bets on the go and receive the latest updates on results and statistics.
PayPerHead 24/7 technology allows you to have your betting site up and running in a matter of minutes. In addition, its user interface is very simple to use, so you will learn to use all its tools and platforms in a short time.


Some bookies may believe that this provider does not have enough experience in the betting industry. But the truth is that PayPerHead 24/7 understands very well what bookies need and has developed one of the best Pay Per Head solutions.